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A Guide to Choosing and Preparing to Lay Turf

  • March 11, 2019

In case you've opted to put a yard or replace an aged grassed area with new turf then there is a range of matters to take under account prior to starting.

Families with pets or children, or people, who prefer to get the most out of their backyard, should pick turf which could withstand a significant stream of traffic.

Second, you'll have to work out just how much turf you want. Famous turf provider Rolawn has a rather helpful calculator instrument on their site.

Or why not find out if your regional turf provider provides free advisory support so you can be certain you're purchasing the proper amount?

Handy Hints

Your next task is to ensure you prepare your region fully as after delivered, the mulch will have to be rolled out instantly from the spring or summertime or over 24 hours at the fall and winter.

If your normal soil isn't up to scratch or you would like to boost the degree of your grassed area then you'll have to disperse excellent sandy loam topsoil. You can visit to buy windsor turf.

Make sure your surface is level and even, and water that the soil around two weeks until you put the turf.

Many turf distribution firms will utilize a tail-lift van to market your possessions. Make certain they understand ahead of any parking or access issues at the time of shipping so they will be well ready

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