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All About Hearing Loss Snoring Heath And Wellness

  • July 11, 2019

Sleep apnea is a pretty much common disorder. Its both a symptom and a cause in itself. However, recent studies have come to correlate it with other conditions. Whatever the case, a holistic approach is required here, so that not only the symptoms but also the cause can be completely extirpated. See about hearing loss snoring heath and wellness.

Anyway, recent researches have skated across the fact that sleep apnea, or snoring in workaday terms, can actually affect ones hearing. There certainly are correlations in this, not to mention other related health risks and factors. And, of course, its not a completely bleak picture. Certain treatments can actually be adopted here.

The thing is, recent literature and studies seem to point out to the suggestion that people with SA should go on to have their sense of hearing tested. As it turns out, its not only the quality of sleep that is taken away. Credible research has suggested that hearing loss and impairment can be satisfactorily linked to the disorder. The results of the study remained the same even after certain variable data were adjusted, so there has to be a certain truth to it.

It has long been recognized that sleep apnea is not an isolated event in itself. Its said to occur in response to other underlying health issues. It is not so much a chronic than a systemic disease. Therefore, its not surprising that its linked to particular diseases here and there, no matter if theyre seemingly and apparently unrelated.

Although its been linked to various other issues, the greatest accepted theory regarding SA is how its related to inflammatory and vascular issues. Therefore, the connection between SA and hearing loss has been pinned down to the abnormal functioning and inflammation of the blood vessels. Since the ear is sensitive to that occurrence, then maybe thats the reason, indeed.

Nonetheless, as per the popular philosophical statement, correlation does not equal causation. In some cases, auditory impairment may precede SA, and theres also the other way around. The main thing to keep in mind is that this is a pretty recent literature, spearheaded by a handful of credible researchers that are nonetheless few in numbers.

Therefore, it could be that one really comes before the other, or perhaps theres a tertiary factor involved. However, altogether, the general idea is not an earthshaking revelation. After all, both sleep apnea and hearing loss are undesirable. No one wants to have either. Therefore, its not a problem treating one, just so to avoid or improve upon the other.

Snoring might sound like a matter of course for some people. However, for others, its a serious ailment. In fact, it obstructs breathing by blocking the airway. It causes frequent wakefulness during sleep, and that affects its quality. Prolonged suffering with this problem causes a strain on the cardiovascular system, vamping up possibilities for strokes and heart attack.

The list can go on and on. The nub of the matter is that SA and hearing impairment have a common denominator, and its that no one wants to incur one or both of them. More research is required to establish definitive causation. However, one can do his or her own part by living a healthy lifestyle. That comes with eating a healthy diet, losing weight, and all that jazz.

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