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Get Professional Web Designer Tips

  • November 6, 2019

A website should reflect your style by being personal, proficient and professional, be easy to navigate and have a clutter free, no-nonsense design. A very important element is having a mobile platform that offers a column view to smartphone and mobile phone users.

If your website targets current and potential clients, the contact information and testimonials are significant elements. The current trend is to have a phone number and email address on every page, not just one, along with a link or button to follow you on social networks. You can also get professional website design in Sacramento.

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Testimonials build your confidence so that adds a quote from a journalist or client on every page, while also presenting a large collection of your testimonials on a separate page.

New content can be highlighted on your homepage to draw attention to your latest articles. Another section that generally requires regular updates is coverage, where you can feature links to recent blogs, articles, news stories, case studies and reviews that showcase your work with clients and all the amazing products and services you provide.

All these elements are brought together with your personal touch and a strong positioning statement on your homepage, where you can add a photo of yourself with a handwritten introduction line or positioning statement in just one short sentence. This is important because people like to know the person they are dealing with.

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