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Guest Amenities Customization Ideas For The Best Stay In Hotel

  • December 11, 2019

Is your hotel, inn, bed and breakfast or spa already provides essential guest amenities to your guests and clients, or simply add this to your guest room offerings, it is important to consider adjusting them to the specifications of your company. You can also get the best hotel & guest amenities suppliers in SA via Hospitality-Style.

Most of the best suppliers and manufacturers offer a bespoke design service; however, they require large amounts of certain quantities to be purchased. If your business chooses to this service, here are some ideas to consider:

Cosmetics and toiletries

Small bottles, tubes or sachets of shampoo and shower gel is what you should consider first because, some guests bring home or donate them to shelters and the like, if your company logo, name and design on it, it is a way of advertising and best of all, free!

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Slippers and towels

It is a good idea to adjust the facility to be re-used several times, especially towels and bathrobes. In the case of slippers, the most common way is to embroider your design to the shoe with your corporate colors. With a bathrobe and towel, embroidery is also possible but scoring might be an alternative.

Personal accessories and other facilities

Packaging facilities play a big role in the impression of your business. So if well-designed and stylish packaging itself, this will contribute to the business's reputation. Vanity kit, shaving kit, a set of teeth, shower cap and the like can be packaged separately or you have the option to put them all in one container creates a set in a box, bag or other packaging forms.

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