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How a White Card Replaces a Blue Card in Construction Industry

  • April 29, 2019

While the Blue Card had previously been recognized as the completion of training in connection with Induction training for the construction industry, this card had now been replaced by a new White Card.

However, an older card can still be accepted as proof of the training required. Therefore, at this point and time, only new trainees will receive a new White Card. You can visit to get the white card online.

As for older cards, while still being respected, this has now been replaced by White cards to comply with new national guidelines. In addition, there is no additional training needed for existing cardholders to get this new card.

Because, while a number of companies offer general Induction training courses, these courses have only been available through in-house programs to the school education system since 2007. So, while no new education programs have been developed to align with the new White Card requirements.

white card training

However, there is the hope of a one-day training session without refresher training requirements that will allow employees to benefit from training only one day away from work.

In addition, even though such cards are not needed for maintenance work such as replacing a drain pipe that has been lost, a card is needed if replacing a pipe like that because of a breakdown of the lane, system, or disposal.

Thus, someone might want to determine the type of work that is most desirable for someone after being licensed. However, if you work to rebuild damaged material, build new construction or other work that requires more knowledge and skills related to national guidelines and laws then it is expected that a white card will be needed to complete the work.

However, to get the best possibility of finding as many jobs related to construction as possible, people might want to see training and get a White Card.

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