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How to Choose Tower Cranes?

  • February 8, 2020

Tower crane outshine all others in terms of utility and versatility. They come up with the ideal lifting technology for all civil engineering tasks.

They have proved their worth both in the construction projects of large-scale industry and in small residential buildings around the world. This versatile crane rising hundreds of feet into the air. You can pop over to these guys if you're looking for cranes.

They are designed to lift concrete, steel, large equipment such as generators and torches and other building materials.

Tower cranes for sale have been following features and specifications: maximum power lift, the maximum range, counterweights, and the maximum height is not supported.

For them to lift the maximum load, the weight must be positioned close to the pole and does not have to be placed at the end of the job.

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They may be said of the modern form of a balance crane. Tower cranes crane supply suppliers that offer the best combination of height and lifting capacity. Tower crane manufacturer to build them with the following basic parts.

Base: the base is fixed to the ground to support the crane.

Tower (pole): the tower is connected to the base and to provide stability and saves vertical space and an important part of the frequently large beam mounted brackets to the finished structure. This provides a high crane.

Slewing Unit: The unit is attached to the top of the tower slewing. Has a motor and equipment that allow rotating.

Jib: the jib mounted on the slewing unit. It suspends the load of the trolley. Motor trolley placed on the Jib.

Cons Jib: Jib counters are also mounted on the slewing unit. It carries the weight of the opposite of concrete blocks. Transmission and hoist motors are placed on the table at the table Jib mechanics.

The cabins Operator: operator cabin is located on the top of a pole mounted on the slewing unit, but can also be installed in the Jib.

Lifting hook: lift the latch is operated by using an electric motor to the cable wire rope control through a system of sheaves.

This is a basic part that should be considered prior to contact suppliers to find the tower crane for sale. For custom made cranes, tower crane manufacturer can also be contacted.

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