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How to Make Playground Surfaces Safe For Playing?

  • February 6, 2020

The biggest reason for playground injuries is falling from equipment. Children are most likely to fall when they lose their hand grip and injury is caused.

There should be an easy way to protect our kids when they play in playgrounds. The safety can be ensured only when the ground is thick and soft enough to lessen the intensity of force with which they fall. You should also install safety surfaces for the playground for child safety.


Below are some points to consider for the safety of the playground:

  • The packed, oil, and grass surfaces should be avoided at any cost because the wear and tear are likely to occur very soon due to weather changes and it reduces the cushioning effect of the ground.
  • There shouldn't be any debris or hindrance such as tree roots, tree stumps, or rocks. Also, there should be no standing water throughout the playground. Both of these surfaces have the potential of making kids fall or trip.
  • The rubber surfacing mats are used to provide a great cushioning effect that should be spread throughout the playground.
  • The cushioned surface should encircle at least 6 feet around the equipment. However, you may need to extend or contract the region depending on the length of the equipment.

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