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Increase Demand Of Android Development

  • March 13, 2019

It is Developed by Android Inc. and then launched by Google. Android: known as its excellent mobile OS (operating system).

It is based on Linux kernel and is written in many software frameworks languages including Java/ Ajax, XML, C++, flash, C etc.

It allows Android Operating System to support seamless software and applications. Without any doubt, the demands of android development were must be an obvious outcome.

There are over 100,000 apps available in the android market (an official online android application store provided by Google).

This availability of apps reflects the increased demand for Android development.  You can visit for android development.

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Android OS is integrated with OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics Applications Programming Interface which allows the Android developers to develop rich 3D games as a part of android application development.

Excluding the OpenGL engine, Android OS supports and software languages and/ or is integrated various other technologies such as HTML5, Flash Player 10.1,  Exchange ActiveSync, Accelerometer, Motion Sensor, Google Voice Search, Multitasking, multi-touch, gyroscopes and many more.

In fact, just like its only competitor IOS (iPhone operating system), Android also supported by a number of apps and provides good options for solutions to industries around the world. Solutions such as:

Accounting, Inventory Management, Applications, Reporting, MIS, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Management System, integrating Apps,  Navigational Apps, Games, Office Suites PDF Reader Apps, Industry-specific apps, integrating Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support And many more…All are part of solutions falling under the category of Android development.

Apart from this, android development is not limited just for mobile phone technology. Android Operating System is also available for a tablet computer.

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