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What are T-Shirt Printing Methods?

  • May 6, 2019

Tens of thousands of small companies in the USA print T-shirts. There are numerous reasons for it. To begin with, it doesn't need any particular skills. A hardworking individual may learn everything he wants to learn about T-shirt printing at a brief moment. Prices are also rather low. All that's required is some simple equipment, customers, and a couple of helpers.

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There are many distinct procedures of T-shirt printing, some are historical and many others are comparably brand new. Within this guide, we'll review the two most well-known techniques of T-shirt printing.

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Screen Printing

It started in China and has existed for more than two thousand decades. When employed for T-shirt printing, the paint is put right on the display and the layout is pressed from the T-shirt.

The downsides are that every color demands another display; therefore it is not nearly as quickly when printing multi-color T-shirts. Screen printing is also rather messy and it requires a great deal of time to wash printing displays in the close of the day.

Heat Press

The heat press strategy has been ubiquitous in the 1970s when many children were running around in T-shirts using a heating media patch. The process now depends upon computers rather than stains to print a distinctive piece of paper using translucent ink which may subsequently be moved into the T-shirt with heat.

The benefits of the T-shirt printing process are that it's better with numerous colors and it may be employed to generate more complex designs.

Well, it really depends upon how big your company and the sort of shirts you're thinking about printing. If the plan is fundamental, monochromatic, and you require a good deal of them, there's absolutely no doubt that screen printing is your T-shirt printing process you need to select. But in case you've got a multi-colored design that's intricate and you're fulfilling little order, heat press may be a much better match.


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