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What Every Beginner Should Know About Keeping Boer Goats

  • October 24, 2019

Demand for mutton has increased radically over the last few years. About 63 to 65 percent of the red meat consumed in the world is mutton.

The Boer goat, a big framed animals resembling a Nubian goat, is one of the most famous kinds of goats are used for meat production. Due to the high demand for goat meat, there is a lot of interest in raising Boer goats. You can navigate to this site to buy quality Boer goat.

This was originated in South Africa in the 1900s and its name comes from the Dutch word farmer – "Boer". It is mostly white with a reddish-brown skull and white glow in the center of the face.

Generally, the larger bone structure and thicker than the other types of goats and has a broad chest. It has elongated ears that fall down along the sides of their faces. One of the chief causes, why there is a lot of curiosity in nurturing Boer goats for meat, is of high quality.

Farming Boer goat is much easier than raising other livestock products because they are easy to handle. It can adapt to a variety of climate change, on the temperature of the dry hot climate and have a high resistance to disease.

They are fast growing and flourishing. If you are trying to breed goats for profit or just for the pleasure of it, the Boer goat is an option.

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