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Why Obtaining White Card is Important

  • April 26, 2019

Practicing caution in any industry is very important. Management and staff involved in distributing and serving alcohol are required to obtain an RSA certificate. All businesses must meet standards and achieve a health and safety system.

The construction industry must fulfill and complete a similar system, but it needs to go further to ensure that no accidents occur on the job site. This includes relevant personnel education and training. When you will work in the field of construction, education, and training you must be certified through the White Card. You may explore to get an online white card.

Distributed by a Registered Training Organization (RTO), this card ensures construction companies and contractors that you have undergone general induction training for construction work. No construction worker can start working at any location without this official card.

white card training

This card also referred to as the occupational health and safety certificate is not only given to workers such as carpenters, destruction experts, or repairmen. The card must also be issued to location managers, supervisors, and even apprentices.

There are many training providers who will help you get your occupational health and safety certificate. The key to choosing one is to determine the state you plan to look for construction work.

You also want to know which states can receive online training and which states only receive face-to-face training, as determined by the national code of practice for induction of construction workers.

Incidentally, online training cannot be accepted in certain states. However, almost all countries accepting White Cards are achieved through online training. Having this information will help you avoid unnecessary training to get White Card credentials that may not be accepted in certain states.

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