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Why Try Sugar Wax?

  • July 12, 2019

A 'new' waxing technique is making great waves in the world of beauty and skin care! Sugaring is a hair removal technique that uses only natural and safe ingredients like sugar, lime juice and water to remove hair from the roots.

The procedure may seem basically similar to conventional waxing, but there are fundamental differences that make sugaring the most preferred and sought after hair removal treatment today. Such as:

The sugar paste or gel is made from natural and food-derived ingredients that are safe for the skin. It can be applied at room temperature itself or heated to a lukewarm state before application. There is no risk of burns from the heat. If you have any confusion for European wax salon prices then you can check various online sources.

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It can be applied directly by hand, rather than using a stick. It adheres only to the hair and not to the skin as such. Skin irritation and reactions are also minimal.

It is applied against the direction of hair growth and peeled off in the same direction as hair growth. Therefore, pain and discomfort are significantly lesser. Risk of hair breakage and ingrown hairs is also radically reduced.

It can be applied in large areas of the skin at a time as there is no risk of drying out. It gets done quickly too. This makes sugaring especially preferable for full body hair removal.

Another major advantage is that the sugar paste is entirely water soluble. Any residue can be easily cleaned off with water.

Sugaring is a more effective method of hair removal. Your skin stays hairless longer – 4 to 6 weeks or even more. Hair growth and density also reduce significantly over time.

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