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Air Force ASVAB – Minimum Requirements, Scoring System, and Re-Testing Policy

The Air Force has the highest ASVAB AFQT ranking requirements for recruits from other branches of the military. If you are taking Airforce ASVAB, you will need an AFQT score of at least 36 if you have a high school diploma and 65 if you have a GED.

ASVAB AFQT's minimum score for the Army and Navy is 31, Marines 32, and Coast Guard 40 for qualification. The best ASVAB online course at offers job guarantees to about forty percent of its recruits. Most employees are asked to select one of the four competency areas from the start and then assign them to specific jobs in this category.

Air Force job categories and assessment requirements. The four categories are mechanical, administrative, general, and electronic and the system is called MAGE.

If you're looking for a mechanic job, you'll need to be proficient in understanding mechanics, general science, and automotive & repair. The formula for the mechanical result of the Airforce ASVAB is MC + GS + 2xAS (therefore Auto & Shop is essential for good work with mechanical work.

If you want to make an appointment for administrative work, you need good results for verbal expression, which you get from your word knowledge and paragraph comprehension.

If you want a good overall assignment, you'll want to maximize your arithmetic reasoning rating in addition to the highest possible verbal knowledge and paragraph comprehension ratings.