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Amazon Flex Background Check

Amazon flex app is a package delivery app. It delivers packages to the desired place. If you also want to work as an Amazon Flex driver then you need to download the application and sign up for amazon flex. You can find links on the internet regarding Amazon flex download for android and Amazon flex for iPhone

During the signup process, you need to fulfill the required information. One of the basic things that we discuss in this article is the 'Background Check'.

Amazon Flex does the background checks of their would be employees to make sure you are a careful driver and does not pose a threat to their customers. This is a very standard verification history, as you take when getting hired for a full-time job in a company.

Amazon's background checks your back seven years records and looks to major criminal offenses and the offense of driving. If you have a record of rough crime or theft, you may be excluded.

The same thing also applies to various driving violations – they probably will not accept you. They do not go for instant background checks. It takes about 2-5 business days to complete.

Agreeing to a background check is the final step in the application process. If you are accepted, you will receive an email from Amazon encouraging you to schedule your first block!