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Bed Bug Facts You Should Know

Bed bugs have made a name for themselves in San Jose, San Francisco, Rancho Cordova, Modesto, and Sacramento all make the city issues top list.

Like most pests, it is a notorious bug and has many myths and misconceptions that surround them. Not only infestations have a health hazard, but it can also quickly become expensive if not handled the situation properly. Here are some important facts everyone should know about.

1. They Can Be Eliminated: We often hear from customers who have tried everything to rid themselves of these pests. As this pest is growing more and more resistant to pesticides, this is not surprising. You can eliminate these pests with the help of professionals. You can also hire experts for bed bug removal in San Jose via

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2. They Do Bite: We've all heard the saying "Sleep tight, do not let the bed bugs bite" when we were young and many of us thought it was nothing more than a simple rhyme.

They feed on human blood and are prone to bite. While they certainly bite, not everyone will have the same reaction to the bites. Some people do not react to the bites and may not even know that they have a problem until they see them or find other evidence of infestation.

3. They like More Than Beds: Despite their name, bed bugs can be found throughout the house or other property. In addition to their namesake, bed bugs can be found in the suitcase, couch, or other furniture, cracks, shoes, boxes, and crevices.

If you have further questions about the treatment options available, contact the bed bug removal experts.