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Birthing Techniques Every Mother Should Know

In our society, thousands of women are going the way of relying on drugs against pain and epidural numbness to help them live relatively painless labor and birth activity. However, there are millions of other women out there who prefer to give birth naturally without the use of drugs.

If you plan to take the path of natural childbirth, or just curious your options for natural childbirth, you should learn hypnobirthing techniques online which helps in natural childbirth without pain.

birthing techniques

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Water Delivery

Water delivery or water birth takes place in a bath of hot water, which can help you relax and relieve pressure and discomfort at times to deliver. Delivery of water is not recommended for women with pregnancies that are considered high risk.

But many say that this technique can help your baby to enter the world in a setting that is quieter, calmer, and less dramatic.


Some women prefer to experience hypnosis during childbirth so they can fully relax and allow the muscles to help them deliver naturally with ease. The method of delivery of hypnosis was developed in the 1940s by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read.

Women who choose this technical report calving they often feel calm, relaxed, and in a waking dream, like the state, while being aware and in control of the delivery.