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Caring Options For Your Loved One With Dementia

It is crucial to get an elder law attorney in touch with your loved ones if they are diagnosed with a serious illness such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia. 

An elder law attorney will help you apply for government benefits and ensure that all legal documents are in order while your loved one is still competent. You can even search it on Google by simply typing “dementia nurse facilities near me” and there you will find hundreds of results to find the best dementia center.

This guide is intended to provide basic information and answer some of your queries. There are many options for creating a customized care plan for your loved ones, other than a nursing home.

1. Assisted Living

The best option for someone with Alzheimer's/Dementia in the early stages is assisted living. Nursing staff can help the patient with their daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, and medication. 

Residents can create a home-like atmosphere in their rooms. There are also recreation and socialization options. 

Unfortunately, assisted living has the downside that most of the costs must be paid by private funds. The only exception is those who receive Social Security Income or Veteran's benefits.

2. In-Home Nursing

Privately or through an agency, in-home nurses are available. A licensed agency must be used to hire the caregiver if you want to use Medicare or Medicaid to pay for the services. In-home care is more cost-effective when you use an agency. 

They will handle paperwork such as income taxes, background checks, replacing workers if they are sick or on vacation.

Medicare does not cover all the needs of patients who receive home health services. Medicare will not cover services that are less than a few hours per day for up to three days.