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Technology and Gadgets

Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a service offered by Microsoft that allows users to communicate and collaborate at one single platform. With the help of Microsoft Teams people can easily follow remote working at any time. Microsoft Teams consulting by, can better give you the insights of this service and how you can incorporate this is your working style.

Microsoft Teams can a;lso be termed as chat based workspace. Below are the key benefits of Microsoft Teams that every beginners must know:

– Flexible Communication: Microsoft Team is compatible with all devices, so you can easily communicate at any time from anywhere with any device easily.

– Office 365 Integration: Office 365 tools are integrated with Microsoft Teams. You can access any tool ofOffice 365 while communicating. You can also use this service to present your work with the team in a better way.

– One Centralized Hub: You do not need to switch from one application to another in order to get your work done. Microsoft Teams is one centralized hub that allows you to use any application within its server.

– Cost Effective: Microsoft Teams  does not cost you much. This is a service subscription based plan and costs you must less. Also you do not need to pay extra for Office 365 in order to use its tool with Microsoft Teams.

– Recorded Communication: You get the option to record every call which can be later used to manage or organize work without missing out on anything. Also the chat communication is automatically saved as threads.

Now it might be clear to you what Microsoft Teams is all about. Now take the chance to use this service and you won’t regret it.

Community-Based Guidelines For Recreational Users

There are FAA laws that explain how, when, and where you can navigate drones for recreational objectives. You must be regarded as a recreational user if you are flying unmanned aircraft for fun. It is important to know when and where you can fly and how to register your drone. For more information about the latest drone laws visit

Following these rules will keep you safe and your drones and will help keep the airspace available to everyone.

  • Register your drone, mark (PDF) was outside with a registration number and bring proof of registration with you.
  • Fly only for recreational purposes.
  • The drone can fly at or below 400 feet above the ground when in controlled airspace.
  • Obtain permission before operating in controlled airspace. 
  • Keep your drones in the visible line of sight, or within line-of-sight of a visible witness who is co-located (physically next) and in direct contact with you.
  • Do not fly at night unless you have a flash that enables you to know the position and adjustment of each moment.
  • Never conflict with crisis response exercises such as flood mitigation, any type of accident response, law execution actions, fire, or hurricane rescue efforts.
  • Never fly under the control of drugs or alcohol. Many over-the-counter have side effects that can change your ability to reliably operate your drone.