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Federal Background Public Check Services

Millions of Americans use the internet every day to search for criminal records and other public records. They can do a federal background check to ensure that they get results from all corners of the country, not just their state.

In the past, accessing or researching any public record was something you did by yourself. You had to go to the local public records repository, which is a state-run government office that stores these records. You can have better access to records via Consumer Credentials for better results. 


There you could search through thousands of papers and find what you were looking for. Although this search would cost you a fee, it would require that you spend some time and pay parking fees. In reality, it was not free as it took away more productive activities.

You can access the same results instantly from your home office. Or, almost immediately. Sometimes it takes as little as five minutes. You can find many records online. The most popular are:

1. Birth records

2. Death records

3. Divorce and marriage records

4. County records

5. Filing bankruptcy papers

6. Criminal history

7. Mug shots

You can also access newspaper archives and cemetery records. These services are a valuable resource when you're working on a genealogy project or looking into the background of an individual for employment. You can also access federal background checks companies from your office or at home.