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Five Things You Need to Know About Vehicle Registration Renewal

All vehicles in Alberta must be registered and renewed every year. Traffic Safety Act violations can lead to penalties for driving on the roads or parking your vehicle on your property.

We have some important information about your vehicle's renewal. You can also apply for online vehicle registration renewal process.

1. You will not be sent a Reminder Letter

Each year, car owners must set up reminders to renew their registration. You can register at online websites to set up a reminder.

How to Complete Your Colorado Vehicle Registration

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2. You can renew online

Online renewals are possible if you renew your vehicle registration with no modifications or if there aren't any outstanding fines.

You will need the following information to renew your registration online:

  • The current web browser
  • your vehicle registration certificate
  • Details about your vehicle's insurance
  • Valid credit card

You must renew your registration, if your registration expires in less than 10 days.

3. Before you can renew, you must pay outstanding fines

You can pay any outstanding fines in person or online. You must wait for your payment to be processed before you can renew your vehicle registration.

4. In these Circumstances, you must renew in person

Online registration renewal can be quick and easy, but you will need to renew your registration in person if:

  • Your information may have been updated (e.g., name or address).
  • Your vehicle registration will expire in less than 10 business days

5. What you need for in-person renewal

You will need the following items if you wish to renew your vehicle registration in person:

  • Valid driver's licence
  • Your pink card must be valid proof of insurance
  • Optional current vehicle registration certificate
  • Payment method (debit, credit or cash).