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How to Choose Triple Bunk Bed Frames

Speaking of triple bunk beds, the very first thing which comes to mind is the triple-decker. Let find out the various triple bunk bed designs below. The design of this triple bunk beds is typically composed of one upper bed and 2 lower beds. The lower bed serves as a toddler-bed, while the upper bed can be used for sleeping adults. This triple bunk beds come with a headboard and a footboard.

Like the upper design, these triple bunk beds are usually accompanied with a desk and/or drawer underneath the drawers. However, the difference lies on the bottom of the frame. On the lower bed, there are no drawers or desks. Instead, there is only one piece of furniture in this design which is the bed's framework. On the top bed, you would see shelves which allow you to store your clothes and shoes more efficiently.

The standard height for triple bunk beds is twenty-four inches. This is actually the perfect height if you want to maximize your space. If you are someone who has limited space and needs a spacious bedroom then this type would be great for you. You will also be able to get more sleeping space and have more than enough room for your children to play and sleep well.

Just like the other two types, triple bunk beds can have separate beds for girls and boys. You can also have two separate beds for boys and girl. With these kinds of beds, your kids can sleep in three separate beds and still have enough space for playing and lying down. Your kids will definitely have fun when they come home from school and have to share rooms with three kids.

However, not all triple Decker bunk beds have the same structure. Each has their own unique type of frame. Some have a high quality metal frame that has casters at the base. The beds are separated by a clear glass or fiberglass. The frames can be easily inverted or rolled up for those extra sunny days.

If you would like triple bunk beds with separate ceilings, you will need to pay extra for this feature. A double mattress on top will give your kids the ability to sleep three children comfortably without having any problems at all. The ceiling height will need to be measured accurately so your kid can use it for their own beds as well. You can choose any type of bed depending on the sizes of your child's bed.

You can even get triple bunk beds that have sliding doors for easy access to the top and bottom units. This allows for an even greater sense of space. Since the top and bottom units can be opened up, your kid can easily get in and out of bed without going back and forth across the floor. There is plenty of room to play with toys or games. There is also plenty of storage beneath the bed if needed.

If you have other pets, you may want to consider triple Decker three beds stacked together. You could easily do this with only one child. The only problem you may run into is not being able to find a pet friendly bed to use. It is always best to find the one that best suits your needs. There are even triple bunk beds made just for small animals. These may cost a bit more but they are better suited for those who won't mind sharing a bed.

Many triple bunk beds feature guardrails. Some versions do not. If you purchase a unit with guardrails, it is a good idea to buy extra accessories such as guardrails for the upper bunks as well. Your child will not be able to climb the ladder and fall through the openings in the guardrails. She will need to have a strong ladder to get up and down from her bed on the upper bunk.

A popular model that comes with guardrails is the loft ladder. This is similar to the typical foot ladder found in most houses except it is taller. This allows your child to have more control when getting up and down from the top of the loft ladder. Most models have a door on the lower bunk, so children can keep their favorite toy or book outside while they are at night time sleep. You can also have them have their favorite toy in a drawer located on the side of the loft ladder which will prevent them from sleeping near the guardrail.

Some triple bunk beds feature sliding drawer doors that open on one end and swing open on the other. This type of unit allows your child to easily slide under the bed to dress. The guardrails will hold the bed frame securely. These units are great for small children who love to play in their rooms and can quickly get out of bed. Although these units can be expensive, the money you spend on them will be worth it once your child gets older and can no longer use their favorite toy to dress up and play in their bedroom.