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How To Use App Cloner To Clone Android Apps

Nowadays, Android smartphones are getting very popular among users. When using an Android phone, there are times when we have to install the same Android app twice. We do this because we can easily manage multiple accounts.  For example, when it comes to social networking, we can use multiple accounts. You can keep one account to talk to your friends and another one for your colleagues. By default, most of the social networking apps allow you to make multiple accounts. But unfortunately, some applications like WhatsApp and Facebook still don’t support this and that is why we have to use an app like App Cloner to do this.

So, if you want to run the same app twice but with different accounts, then there is no doubt that the best option for this is App Cloner because of its reliability. By default, App Cloner enables you to clone almost any Android app or game that exists in Google Play Store. The only limitation of App Cloner is that it only lets you clone the same app twice. But this limitation only applies to the free version. If you are interested in checking out this app, you can download the App Cloner APK from their website. 

We think that this is the simplest and most reliable app for cloning Android apps. When compared to other apps, App Cloner performs very well and saves a lot of battery. You may notice that App Cloner has very limited customization options in the settings. Although this is true, the features it offers are enough for most of the users. The UI is also very clean and therefore even a beginner can handle this app with no issues.

After installing App Cloner, you will be able to clone almost any app of your choice. To do this, all you have to do is open up App Cloner, select the Android app or game that you want to clone, and simply assign a name and an icon. Once you click on "Next", App Cloner will create a completely new APK file for the app so that you can install it on your device as if it were a completely different one. This cloned app won't interfere with your existing one. App Cloner has two versions. The free version has some restrictions to clone apps and the paid version has no restrictions. For example, in the App Cloner free version, you can only clone the same app twice. You also can change the color of its icon but the customization options are very limited. But in the App Cloner Premium version, there are no such restrictions. The premium version also allows you to create a security password for all the App clones that have been created. No one other than you will be able to use these apps.