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How To Wash A Swimming Pool?

Algae bring wind, rain, and dirty swimwear to your pool. In general, the recommended amount of chlorine or bromine can kill algae after contact with water.

However, if the pond is stagnant for a long time, or if the sintering process hasn't been carried out properly, algae can take over. The swimming pool will likely need an acid wash to restore its beauty and purity.

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If you can see the bottom of the pool, you can usually return it along with the astringent, vacuum cleaner, and filter.

If the soil is neglected, the chemical costs and filtration performance will outweigh the costs of acid leaching.

Filtration and compounds take a long time to destroy and remove algae, making acid leaching longer and cost-effective.

If the algae can grow right away even after the ingredients are properly treated, changing the acid and water by washing the plaster surface in your pool will ensure a summer without algae.

The acid peel removes a tiny layer of plaster from this pool, exposing the newer, cleaner plaster underneath. This shouldn't become an annual habit as it removes all of the plaster and requires the pool to be completely plastered.