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Information About Rain Gutter System

Rain Gutter System – This is an important element of any roof. It provides direction to rainwater from the roof, preventing the destruction of the foundations, exterior walls, and eaves, the most affected by the damaging effect of moisture. 

Thus, significantly increases the life of the roof. The gutter system (which is also known as ‘ระบบรางน้ำ’ in the Thai language) works effectively only when it is properly designed in accordance with the peculiarities of the roof slope and installation was carried out on a professional level.

Benefits of Rain Gutters

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Gutter systems differ from each other by the material from which these systems are made: metal (steel and copper) and plastic are two important materials that are used for making gutters. 

The choice of material used to produce gutter carried out in accordance with the type of roof. If a building has a metal roof then metal gutter used, for other types of roofing plastic gutter is used. Gutter systems differ in the form of the profile, which is of two kinds: rectangular and round. 

The installation of the gutter system shall be in accordance with the basic parameters of the roof. The distance between the edge of the roof and gutter shall not exceed one-third the diameter of the gutter and the lower edge of the drainpipe should be located at a distance of about 20 cm from the catchment tank or land. 

Gutter installation is a task you can easily understand and done yourself, but one must avoid doing things on their own. Professionals can do it more easily, quickly, and efficiently without charging a lot of money for your customized gutter installation.