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iPad Apps to Help You Stay Healthy

We are a generation who are more health-conscious and aware of how much we eat and exercise than our parents or grandparents ever were. Hence our lifestyle and the products we buy revolve around getting us more fit and healthy.

The new iPad apps offer many ways that can boost our fitness levels and help us remain health-conscious during our daily routine. If you are a health care professional and need reliable devices to support medical care then you can buy iPads for hospitals online.

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Some of the apps for iPad are as follows:

Information About Healthy And Nutritious Foods

Health superfoods application developed by Clever matrix provides a list of common foods that boost your immune system and make you resistant to common ailments. 

The information provided in this application also provides recipes and a list of beneficial vitamins and minerals in each food product.

Exercise Tracker

The tap and Track app is designed to help users keep track of their calorie intake. It also calculates your calorie requirements per day keeping into account your weight, age, gender, and level of fitness. 

The foods and calories you consume are relayed in the form of a food score. It also lists different exercises and keeps track of your burned calories.

Weight Loss Tracker

The Diet BMI Tracker developed by CleverMatrix is another useful application that tracks your weight loss and change in MBI. 

It is a very easy application and tracks the change in weight and BMI as your progress toward your weight loss goal. The progress is represented in a graphical format for easy view.

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