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Leadership Development: Powerful Strategies For Your Leadership Program

According to a current study, 87% of firms are concerned about their leadership pipeline. Despite this, not enough companies invest in leadership development and those who often waste money or use a tiered approach with limited impact.

During this webinar, leading experts will share best practices to ensure a high return on your leadership development investment. You will learn practical and cost-effective ways to enhance your company's leadership development efforts.

They design, develop, and deliver high-impact leadership programs for aspiring and experienced leaders.  To get more information about the leadership development webinars visit

leadership development webinars

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Effective leadership skills, the back to the basics webinar that concentrates on the what—and the how—of effective leadership. You will learn how to identify characteristics of effective leadership, observe performance-damaging behavior, and how to lead by the impact. As a result, you will gain a solid understanding of how to develop ambitious leaders.

Participants learn:

-A modern approach to leadership development

-How to remove common development approaches that don't work

-A new, effective and inexpensive way to develop leaders

Who should attend:

-Training and HR specialist

-Independent consultant

-Managers who offer training

They bring you exciting content via webinars from subject matter experts and leaders who can help you explore new ideas, gain industry insights, and improve the skills of the people at your workplace.