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Liver Cancer: About Clinical Trials

You will learn more about clinical studies, which are primarily used to test new medical approaches for their effectiveness in liver cancer treatment.

Doctors and scientists are always looking for better ways to treat people with liver cancer. To make scientific progress via, doctors conduct research with volunteers called clinical trials. Every drug now approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been tested in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are conducted for all types and stages of liver cancer. Many focus on new treatments to see if they are safe, effective, and possibly better than existing treatments.

The number of clinical trials focusing on HCC has increased in recent years. This type of study evaluates new drugs, different treatment combinations, new approaches to radiation therapy or surgery, and new treatments. 

People in clinical trials may be the first to receive the treatment before it becomes available to the public. However, clinical trials carry some risks, including possible side effects and the possibility that new treatments will not work. 

Sometimes people have concerns that they may not be treated with a placebo or "sugar pill" in clinical trials. When placebos are used, they are usually combined with standard treatment in most cancer clinical trials. Study participants are always notified when a placebo is used in a study. Learn more about placebos in cancer clinical trials.