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Online Wills – When To Use Them

A lot of legal services are being carried out online and having online wills is no different. While there are situations that still require a solicitor's and perhaps an accountant's advice, for a person whose relationships and assets are fairly straightforward, they can save a tidy sum of money by using online wills services. You can also create a UK valid will and testament through an online platform.

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When you search around online, you will off course read advice from the legal profession to avoid do-it-yourself online wills, that is all too common. While much of the advice is legitimate, other pieces are meant to scare you away from utilizing less expensive online wills. Such individuals would prefer that you approach them for traditional methods of performing such tasks – face to face.

Today several companies are offering will writing services online and quite a few have a good step-by-step guide to ensure you don't miss any steps. But you must also look out for fly-by-night sites. You can tell by doing a few simple checks.

Anyway, to determine if online wills services are suitable for your situation, here are some pointers to take note of.

Marital status

You are have never married, are single now, or only have one spouse. If you fall into any of the above, then you can safely use such services. On the other hand, if your family structure is more complicated like multiple marriages, your spouse has children from an earlier marriage, then it would be better to get a solicitor's advice on drafting your will.


Your assets are relatively small, you do not own any business and your assets are located in one country. If you are in such a situation, then it is okay for you to have your will written yourself using an online service as a guide.