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Postpartum Depression Can Lead To Suicide And Infanticide

Postpartum depression disorders are also known as postnatal depression and are considered a serious depression that occurs in women after childbirth. There have been many studies on the subject, and the statistics of postpartum depression say it occurs in 5-25% of women. This disease can also affect the Father if they are not able to afford to support the child. 

It is important to note that after pregnancy depression does not occur immediately after childbirth. It can even occur after a few years of childbirth. The symptoms of postpartum depression usually involve more revealing crying even without having a specific reason. 

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However, postpartum depression can also lead to suicide because of the reason that woman is suffering from severe depression. This is especially prevalent if the family has a low income. If you know someone who you suspect depression postpartum then it is important for them to learn the warning signs of suicide, so that you can prevent a suicide attempt by someone you love.

A small portion of those with postpartum depression will also develop postpartum psychosis. This is the most severe form of the disease. This group is coming at a higher risk rate. 5% of all patients with postpartum psychosis try to attempt suicide and 4% will eventually kill their children. Postpartum psychosis can even turn into a full-blown bipolar disorder that places the patient at high risk of end up the rest of their lives.