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Preparing for the TOEFL: Improving Speaking Skills

The speaking section of the TOEFL measures your capacity to discuss the information you have heard and read and helps to support your opinion. These skills are very essential as you get into a reputed university, where students must do more than listen to assignments and take exams. You can get to know about TOEFL preparation practices via 

TOEFL preparation in Nigeria

Professors will expect you to provide presentations and to speak in class under small group discussions. Some universities require a public speaking program to be taken by all students. Additionally, you want to become comfortable enough to consult with students, professors, and others outside of class.

Hopefully, you are already speaking English every day either in an academic English program, in a talk group, or even with a mentor. Review the types of items on the TOEFL, and then use these tips to help you focus your talking practice to prepare:

1. Practice incorporating speaking with different skills as you study. When you hear your lecture or conversation in your listening classes, record it with the help of the recorder.

2. Read and hear stuff on precisely the identical topic. Then orally explain the thoughts you learned and read are similar or different.

3. Check a TOEFL study guide for independent questions, and practice giving opinions with support. Record your replies and listen to yourself. Make sure you time your replies because you have only 45 minutes to speak on the TOEFL.

4. Continue to study grammar and vocabulary, with what you learn in your speech as often as possible.

5.  Above all, focus on speaking skills without long pauses.