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Additional Benefits Of Using Polyclonal Antibodies

In addition to the benefits conferred on pAbs resulting from their clonal and biophysical properties, other benefits can be ascribed to pAbs due to methods-based production differences in comparison with mAbs. 

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pAbs can be produced in a variety of animal hosts, including birds, which have been reported to inhibit greater immune responses to proteins that have high homology between mammalian targets and mammalian hosts.


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In addition, pAb generation provides researchers with the ability to vary the amount of antigen, route of injection, number and distribution of injection sites, frequency of injection of antigen, specific adjuvant, adjuvant amount and antigen:adjuvant ratio in a way not normally available in conventional mAbs manufacture.

When optimized, these parameters can yield higher affinity antibodies with increased yield for pAb production. In particular, when goats are used as the animal of choice, much larger quantities of mAb can generally be produced within 3-4 months at lower cost and with less technical skill than is required to produce mAb or rAb.

Lastly, pAbs have fewer perks and special equipment requirements; For example, pAbs do not require cell culture facilities, electroporation equipment, or advanced cloning skills.