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Tag: dust collector isolation

Advanced Dust Collection Device Ensures A Healthy Workplace?

Dust residue is a unique problem for many industries that has the potential to impact the environment, energy consumption, product quality and life expectancy of industrial workers. To solve this problem, unique patented dust collection equipment is now on the market. You can look for the best dust collection equipment via

Fusion Series Dust Collector, RoboVent Dust Collection Solutions

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What makes this new dust collector unique?

What makes this new powder equipment unique is its “downflow” technology. With the inlet at the top of the collector and the inlet and outlet at the bottom, the downflow system prevents the re-dispersion of dust and gases.

Horizontal installation of the filter prevents dust from clogging and allows the filter to be used for a long time before having to be replaced. The filter function, which is easy to change, is very cost effective.The space-saving design allows it to be installed in the corner of the workplace, saving valuable real estate.

What applications are there for dust collectors?

There are many uses for powder finishing. It can be used in wood carving, mixing, sanding, steel cutting and silo bag disposal as well as workbenches, bag dumping points and work cubicles.

Specific industries that use powder equipment include chemicals, cement, food, paper, plastics, pharmaceuticals, steel, non-ferrous metals, welding, fumigation, starting, electronics, semiconductors, milling, ceramics, cosmetics, uranium, paints, cigarette dust, casting, injection molding, feed, mineral, plasma, chemical laboratory and powder industry.

Dust collection devices are essential in today's industrial world – for workers, for product quality and for the environment. Look for models with 99.95% powder efficiency as they are the safest on the market today.