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Tag: home warranty

House Warranty – Things to Consider Before Buying

When you are in the market for a house warranty, there is a fine balancing act involved between not paying over the odds, yet getting the coverage you need. You can also get more info about house warranty at

What follows is a list of these things that are essential to consider before committing yourself to any single provider. 

Make Sure the Coverage is Enough to Replace your Home

Should some cataclysmic event occur, you'll need to have enough cash to be able to buy a new home. While of course, such an event is most unlikely, you'll be severely traumatized should you find that it happens to you and you don't have enough money to re-house your family. The true purpose of home warranty protection is that you are able to replace your existing home should you need to. Be aware of the difference between insuring for the house's value and its replacement value, which are completely different things.

Comparing Deals

This one should go without saying really, but it's surprising how many people DON'T shop around. Another good idea, if you are happy with your insurers for some other type of coverage, is to go with the same company and see what discounts they may have available for customers who sign up for multiple protection plans.