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Lance Armstrong and the Legacy at the Tour de France

The Tour de France stands out as the grandest cycle competition on the planet, spanning more than 2,200 miles of the French countryside. Professional bicyclists all over the world think about travel to France to take part in this Tour as their greatest stage in their bicycling opportunities. It is the one racing event where media outlets provide the event to millions of viewing cycling enthusiasts. The Tour de France goes for twenty-three days. Each phase of the Tour features idyllic French areas that depict the beauty with the scenery. Many of the travellers go on holidays to look at the race and see the French scenery. In certain races, the race goes cross the border of Spain or Italy. You can find good vacation packages which takes you to many spots to watch the race. Travel offers are the most useful strategy to book rooms in hotels nearby the Tour route.

Many reasons exist why this cycle race is considered the most esteemed bicycling tour in the world. For starters, it's the oldest cycle event in the world. No other cycling event predated the Tour de France, so we know that all the policies and era of cycling tours descends from this particular race. The Tour de France is also one of the most gruelling race and the most mentally strenuous race of any sports event. Bike riders have to ride through the extreme Alps and then through winding roads to complete the race.

In spite of the greatness of the event, it is going to long be recalled with the drug cheating victories by Lance Armstrong. Armstrong's continued denials, lies and also threats long kept his drug use and cheating undetectable. He was finally uncovered by whistle blowers that exposed him at potential risk to themselves. Lance Armstrong subsequently admitted what he did and the victories have been taken off him. Regretfully the Tour will almost always be wounded by this and recalled for this. Ideally time can heal that wound.