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Where Can You Get The Recommendation Of Marijuana?

The only place you can go to get a recommendation for cannabis is a licensed doctor in your state. Many states have doctors who specialize in marijuana or have marijuana clinics that can see you today.

You should contact the doctor or clinic and make an appointment. Once you have seen your doctor and they will have fully examined their medical discretion, they may issue you a medical marijuana card in your state. You can easily find out marijuana transport via

That marijuana promises better treatments for AIDS patients who suffer from extreme weight loss. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, it can help reduce the extreme cases of nausea and vomiting.

Top 5 marijuana facts

1. Only state-approved doctors can write valid and legal.

2. The recommendations do not guarantee your approval by the state, and they may still reject your application.

3. If the recommendation is not signed by your doctor, it is not legal, valid, or binding.

4. State health services can deliver you a cannabis card, after reviewing your application. In most states, a recommendation does not protect your statutes until you have a marijuana card.

5. It is at the discretion of the doctor to write you a recommendation for medical cannabis, and only if they consider cannabis as a viable medical solution for your situation.