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Tag: Press Release Distribution Services

Why Use Press Release Marketing?

Press release marketing is a very less utilized form of marketing that can be very effective. However, most marketers do not use press releases because they do not understand how journalists think and believe press releases (stands for PR) are difficult to write and send.

PR is no more difficult to write than the article. In fact, they are just articles presented in certain formats than anything that is difficult or complex. If you can write good articles then there is no reason you can't write good homework too.

As online marketers, if you do not use PR as part of your traffic generation and marketing strategies, you lose potentially profitable traffic sources. You can consider the great awakening report services to promote your business online.


If it is properly reported then it can be picked up by radio and TV stations, magazines, or newspapers. A mention in all this can make you do large amounts of traffic and really make an extraordinary marketing campaign.

To be picked up by a media agent and get maximum coverage, you need to make sure that your homework comes from the right angle. This means that it should not be born and need to be sorted. You must make sure your press release is full of factual information that says why your website (or business) deserves press coverage.

One way to do this is to see what receives a lot of current press coverage and to tie your press release into it. This can be very difficult and often requires lateral thinking but can be done.

Press broadcast marketing is a very effective form of traffic and if you don't use you lost. Even if you only use a free press release shipping site, you will still benefit from the entry link from search engines and hopefully, you will be picked up by the headquarters of the headlines and receive some massive traffic.