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PRP And Your Hair Restoration Therapy

PRP therapy has been serving as an efficient therapy option for males and females experiencing hair loss and baldness. 

Platelet-rich plasma is a natural and homologous medical approach that can be easily performed in the physician's clinic for scalp, skin, and hair restoration. There are many companies like The Hair Fuel which provide complete information about PRP and hair restoration therapy.

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How does PRP work?

The platelet plasma is presented in abundance in the blood and contains the growth factors that are vital for the regeneration of the damaged tissues. 

The PRP therapy for hair restoration serves as the catalyst over the last two decades for healing wounds and skin. 

How is the PRP hair restoration procedure done?

The platelet-rich plasma is injected using thin needles into the scalp. Soon after the PRP hair restoration therapy, the patient's hairs are washed and the patient is allowed to go home without any help. 

During the procedure no sedative medication is given to prevent any drowsiness during driving Platelet-rich plasma is abundant in growth factor that provokes the hair follicle growth

PRP and hair growth

Platelet-rich plasma contains special growth factors that stimulate growth in the hair follicles. The basic purpose of Platelet-rich plasma for hair restoration is to provoke degenerated or newly grown follicles to an active growth phase.