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Tag: Solar panel expert in Perth

Things To Ask From Your Solar Panel Installer

It is very challenging to find a trustworthy solar panel installer. You might have done various tasks to find a perfect company to install the residential solar power and then don't have a clue about what to ask them.

So here are a few things you should consider to ask your solar panel expert before you handover any installation to him:

1. Check if certified or not. To become a solar panel installer one must be certified by the recognized organization. They should have completed the courses required to become a solar panel installer.

 2. Consult them about the type of system that will best suit your needs. Once it is done the installer will make a proposal and mention all the requirements and the system that is best for your need.

Residential solar power

It includes the size of the panels, the number of solar panels, the Kw of your system, and the manufacturer of the solar panels to be used in your new system.

3. Ask them if they have done any installations before. It is important to know if they have carried out any installation before. Ask for testimony or you can try to search for their recent work on their website.

4. Who will carry out the installation? You need to be sure that any solar installation is carried out by certified installers only.