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Ab Toning Belts – How Do They Work?

The Ab Toning Belt is a strip of light weight, with metal hooks attached to the end. They come with an LED light ring that shines on and off. This light activates the electrical components that activate the mechanisms that pull the buckle forward. The belt tightens as you pull on it. The tension increases as you tighten the belt to your waist.

There are two main types of Ab Toning Belts available on the market today. One is the heavier duty belt that weighs about 45 pounds. These Ab Belts provide more resistance to your abdominal muscles as you tighten them. The second type of Ab Belt works in a similar fashion but is much lighter. It is essentially a light, wrist watch type of gadget.

The Ab Toning Belt's work by sending continuous electrical impulses to target muscle areas. The electrical impulses cause the muscles to contract. This is done in much the same way that electric ab stimulators work. It is very similar in the way that an electric shock can be applied to a muscle to make it contract. Since these Ab Stimulation Belts provide sustained electrical pulses, the muscles contract until they are relaxed.

One of the advantages of using electronic ab exercise belts is the consistent electronic stimulation provided during your workout. While you may not get the same stimulation each time you use the belt, the electrical impulses are sure to provide some stimulation each time. This means that the muscles will contract every time you wear the belt. Another advantage is that the Ab Toning Belts can provide a steady source of stimulation. Since the muscles contract without the need for stimulation, you can get a good workout without having to worry about your metabolism falling or catching up to your workout.

Electronic ab toning belts are available in several different variations. You can find them in a variety of different colors including black, blue, grey, red, pink, purple and white. Some of the variations include the thickness of the slendertone layer. Some of the thickest belts have a thicker slendertone layer which increases the effectiveness of the electronic stimulation. There are also some of the thinner belts that have a thinner layer of slendertone which do not increase the stimulation effectiveness.

The differences between the thin and the thick versions of the Belts are mainly in the amount of electronic stimulation. The thicker belts tend to have a higher intensity level because they contain more slendertone. The thinner belts tend to have lower intensity levels because they do not contain as much slendertone. For maximum results, you should purchase an Ab Toning Belt that is one of the thicknesses that has the most slendertone. The thinner belts will not give you the kind of intense workout that you desire.