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Effective Pre-Employment Background Screening In US

In today's competitive economic environment, firms cannot afford to be side-tracked by employee problems such as workplace violence, theft, false resumes, embezzlement, harassment, or trumped-up injury claims.

Employers are increasingly turning to pre-employment screening as an important risk management tool in an attempt to attract problematic employees in the first place. There are several pre-employment verification companies available in the United States that can provide reliable screening services.

At the same time, companies are becoming more cost-conscious. Despite the obvious benefits of pre-employment testing, management often expects security and human resources professionals to deliver more results with fewer resources.

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The challenge facing security and human resources professionals is finding ways to implement effective and inexpensive recruitment screening programs.

Such a program has four goals:

– First of all, the program must show that the employer is careful about recruiting. This means that the employer takes reasonable steps to determine whether the applicant is a good fit for the position. This can protect employers from being accused of “negligent work”.

– Second, effective screening obtains factual information about candidates to complement the impressions obtained only from interviews. It is also a valuable tool for assessing the accuracy of a candidate's resume.

Third, effective preparatory work serves to deter candidates who have something to hide. Applicants with serious criminal penalties are less likely to apply to companies that have announced they will conduct background checks.

– Lastly, background screening programs should encourage candidates to be very honest in their applications and interviews. By informing candidates that there is a background check, they are motivated to disclose information about themselves that they believe can be disclosed.