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EPS Foam Recycling For Sustainable Development

Recycling is part of our sustainable development strategy, which aims to reduce the impact of our products on the environment. If your company has clean polystyrene waste, you may qualify for our company collection services. The main components of this EPS recycling strategy are:

1. Our waffle pads are made from recyclable materials; better for the environment.

2. We deliver only what you need for your plate, which saves you time and money.

3. We recycle what you don't use so your waste doesn't end up in landfills.

4. We collect all the pieces for reuse in the production process.

5. No waste, so it's better for the environment.

6. The right quantity of waffle pads is all we supply cheaper and less waste.

7. We recycle 100% of the packaging we use.

The cost savings result from simplifying the construction process and reducing the use of concrete in the ceiling. This reduction in cubic meters of concrete also minimizes the project's need for natural resources, meaning builders can offer their customers more sustainable products.

We continually strive to go beyond our standards of environmental responsibility. Making building products sustainable through recycling and recycling is the cornerstone of our business. We also pride ourselves on helping local communities and businesses minimize their impact on the environment.