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Your DJ and Wedding Reception

It's your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding reception may very well be the biggest party you will ever throw. It is important that everything is going well, and to make sure that, you must have a solid plan.

A professional DJ should meet with you and go with your desired plan, help you choose the music for each "event" that will take place during the reception, as well as agree on how any announcement will be made. You can choose popular wedding DJ services in Plymouth from various online sources.


It is a good idea to develop a timeline for your reception. With all that you are going to have occurred on this day, it is very easy to forget details. Time will help everyone remember "what to do next", and will serve as a guide to keep everything on schedule.

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Grand Entrance

After the ceremony was over and the guests have arrived at the reception, the first major announcement is the Bridal grand entrance. Work with your DJ to choose fitting music to get you in. A professional DJ will have a list of songs to recommend if you do not have anything in mind.

During the grand entrance, you will want your DJ to introduce each member of the bridal party, ended up with a Best Man and the Maid / Matron of honor. Finally, the bride is introduced, and the celebrations begin.

First dance

Every wedding is unique, and the bride and groom may want to do things their own way, which is more than fine. Generally, however, the energy of the crowd built at the entrance of the grand survive as bridal parties take their seats while the bride moved from being officially introduced directly to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple.