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The Eco Wardrobe – Choosing Sustainable Clothing

One of the hardest areas in life for environmental decisions is the clothes we wear. Both men and women who appear reluctant to change their style for endurance. However, the gloomy image of hemp pants and tie shirts is a far cry from the green and durable clothing items on offer.

It's often difficult to know what green or eco-friendly clothing means, but in general, eco-clothing should:

  • Stable
  • Bio
  • Environmentally friendly for production

Of course there are other ethical issues in buying clothes, but often natural and ecological clothing comes from ethical and fair manufacturers. You can also order stylish womens sportswear online.

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Organic cotton

Organic cotton is becoming more and more common. Cotton is grown naturally on natural farms using organic techniques. Like regular cotton, organic cotton can be used in any clothing such as organic cotton t-shirts.


Wool is another beautiful natural fabric from a sustainable source. It's often mixed with other fabrics, but there are plenty of clean wool items out there. Clean rugs and towels are a good recommendation if you like comfort.


Bamboo is probably the most environmentally friendly material of clothing. As a grass, it grows very fast and does not need pesticides or herbicides to promote it. And once assembled, it can be filled in a few weeks.

Bamboo is very flexible and comfortable like cotton and is used in a variety of bamboo clothing such as bamboo active wear and bamboo baby clothing.