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The Evolving Landscape Of Business Intelligence

There will always be a need for business decision-makers to access business data to understand what is happening in their organization. Business intelligence tools (BI) available for this need have been significantly changed in recent years. This article looks at 3 problems that can be seen to contribute to changes in the BI landscape. 

First of all, there has been a power shift from him to the final business user. Second, there are steps from the discovery of BI to the traditional business, and the last change in how businesses now actually operate and make decisions can be seen to make an impact. You can find reporting assets to jumpstart your reporting projects with ready-to-use, proven to report templates/solutions from creators around the world.

To start, let's look at new business users. Business users increasingly become more vocal and demanding. The way we consume, explore, and share information has been redefined by searching for the internet, consumer applications that are easy to use, we access, new cellular technology, and social networking. 

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Users now expect business software applications to be simple, intuitive, and user-friendly because of the applications they use outside the office. Business users are now looking for their own tools with or without assistance or approval from it.

Next, let's look at traditional Bigi. Initially, BI was pushed. Business users will ask for a report from it and they will do the work needed to extract, manipulate, and present the required data. Data requirements have been determined before. Often it takes weeks or months to make the dashboard and reports needed.

The new business discovery tool available places users back in data control. Business discoveries allow you to explore data rather than drilling through data. Data does not have to be determined before. This works with the way your mind works, associative.