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The Purpose of Modern Dance

Modern dance is a more emotional dance style than classical ballet. This is actually one of the latest inventions in the dance world.

 When modern dance first started, civil society didn't like it at all, but eventually grew on them. Today it is an integral part of the world of dance.

The beginning of modern dance began in the early 20th century. Her style originated in the United States and Germany, perhaps because the United States did not have the old traditional dance styles like classical ballet.

Many ballet school classes now offer modern dance lessons. The idea behind it is that people can express themselves and other things through their gestures.

Many classical ballet dancers disapprove of this dance form because it violates traditional structural rules. Some of the things that dancers interpret through modern dance are time, animals, and emotions. 

In the 1950s it turned out that modern dance had its own style.

Modern dance today is classified according to such things as gross body movements, body distortions that have not been seen in the past, and more emotional dance experiences. 

At first, modern dance was used as a break from classical ballet forms, but now it has developed into a structured style of its own.