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What Includes In Hypnobirthing Home Study?

HypnoBirthing is also known as the the Monganian method. This is considered the "original" method and includes five classes lasting 2 1/2 hours totaling 12 hours of training. There are several certified HypnoBirthing teachers around the world.

The basic idea behind this method and course is that severe pain should not be a part of labor when the body is relaxed. Participants will learn a variety of self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques, including imagery and guided breathing. You can find affordable hypnobirthing home study via

hypnobirthing home study

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Hypnobabies is another method of using hypnosis during childbirth. It is based on the Painless Birth Program developed by Chief Hypnotherapist Gerald Kane.

While this method is similar to HypnoBirthing, there are a few key differences. She concentrates on specific tactics to help with pain rather than relying on simple relaxation methods. These tactics involve things like combination hypnosis and other hypnosis techniques from the somnambulistic hypnotic "medical class".

Apart from believing in the birth process, HypnoBirthing can:

Gives you a sense of control. Women in the 2013 study also reported feeling calmer and more in control. As a result, they are less afraid of childbirth and delivery.

Produce healthy babies. Apgar, the infant scoring system for a few minutes after birth, may have a higher score in babies born using the HypnoBirthing technique.

Help women who have experienced trauma. HypnoBirthing in particular can help mothers who have experienced birth trauma or who are generally afraid of childbirth.