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What Kind of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Are There in NJ?

What do you think of when you hear the word "drug and alcohol rehabilitation center"? You might think that all drug and alcohol rehab centers are created equal, but they are not. There are different types and cater to different types of needs. Some offer luxurious accommodations with fully stocked fridges, luxurious rooms, and staff too friendly to spend your entire holiday stay. Then there is what looks like a hospital.

In the past, most drug and alcohol rehab center were stepped away from prison-like ones. They look like prisons and feel like prisons, only you can leave any time. Of course, if you do, you will never leave. However, you don't have to suffer through rehab, although you will find that you are working harder than ever.

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There are drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that are only for alcoholics, and there are also those that only accept certain drug users. There are also treatment centers that only accept returning visitors, women, men, teenagers, the elderly, or people who suffer not only from drug and alcohol abuse but also mental health problems.

In addition, there are rehabilitation centers for followers of certain religions and rehabilitation centers for those who do not want religion to play a role in their rehabilitation. Many treatment centers are anchored in the "Twelve Steps" program. For the Twelve Steps program to be effective, you must believe in a "higher power." If this doesn't stop you, try a treatment center that has alternative systems to convey the same message.

A concrete example of a religious drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is the basis of Christian medicine. Of course, there are many religious elements to these programs, therefore, as I have pointed out, they are not for everyone. If you don't believe in the basic principles of a certain religion, a specially designed treatment method will not work for you.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are mostly classified according to treatment principles. For example, there are centers that take a customer-centered approach. There are also centers that follow many different paradigms of psychoanalytic treatment. Then there are hybrids. This is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that combines at least two different schools of thought on rehabilitation.