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Which Is The Best Termite Treatment For You?

It is interesting to note that one of the most common complaints experienced by pest control officers is termites. These minor problems are serious pests because they cause serious structural damage which is very expensive to repair. You can check over here to find more about best termite treatment.

Which Is The Best Termite Treatment For You?

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People usually see termites, see their tunnels in outer walls, or see their wings all over the place. Regardless of how you pay attention to your termite problem, the bigger question is, "What is the best termite treatment?"

There are three main categories of termite control options: some can be done on your own, others require professional help. The first category is liquid termiticide treatments – this process involves digging a trench around your home that is roughly six inches wide and six inches deep.

Then place the liquid termiticide in the trench, usually 12 gallons per 30 feet of trench. This strategy is effective because subterranean termites originate in the soil and when you treat the soil around the house – the problem is solved!

The second option for termite control is a bait system. In this treatment plan, bait made of paper, cardboard, or other termites is combined with a deadly poison. When food termites find this "food", they eat a little and return to their nests.

The two challenges with this method can result in the bait being appetizing enough to choose your food over the tasty tree roots or nearby stumps, and provide the perfect poison strength so it doesn't kill too quickly and the termites get sick or die gathering.